Art is an act of interpretation and participation. As each viewer creates their own perception, they also construct their own version of the piece, thus becoming an extension of the artist. I believe when you experience any piece of art (visual, music, or theater) you should put your mind in a state to “Get Lost In Art”. I invite you to get lost in my art.

I am grateful for Sam Huang’s time and effort and for his patience and encouragement as I started my journey to paint what I see in my dreams and feel in my heart.


One of my first exhibits at an event hosted by my mentor Sam Huang. (Brandstater Gallery)


My studios tend to bounce around from home to downtown art center to eclectic location to home again. If you are interested in viewing my paintings, I would be delighted to give you a tour, wherever my art may be at the time. You can contact me at for current information about the availability of my pieces for sale, or to discuss a commissioned project. Reprints of selected pieces are available here. (I’m not really good at keeping the reprint site up-to-date, so if you happen to like one of my pieces, and would like a reproduction of any type, give me a call.